EMST – National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (GR), 2023

Excerpt from curator Ioli Tzanataki and artistic director Katerina Gregos introduction to the exhibition:
‘In her exhibition at ΕΜΣΤ, Toticki adopts a critical eye and an often humorous approach to examine aspects of the ‘burn-out society’, invisible women’s work, our relationship with technology and, more generally, the state of art in a post-capitalist society striving for productivity, acceleration and growth. The exhibition consists of work from different cycles of Toticki’s creative process. They are divided into four sections entitled Production, Sleep, Control and Attention that provide a conceptual framework and render visible the connections between the various themes that have permeated her art over the years. Hannah Toticki’s solo exhibition at ΕΜΣΤ is the first presentation of her work in Greece and the artist’s first major museum exhibition in Europe. Toticki has developed a highly distinctive and personal visual language that is inspired by fashion, pop culture, design and theatre. Her sculptures and installations incorporate clothing, accessories, furniture, and are often combined with performance, video and music.’ 

Photos by Paris Tavitian.